Juggling international reporting requirements against a backdrop of ever-increasing physical and digital tax scrutiny can be challenging — especially as an agile enterprise expanding into new markets, with multiple stakeholders to satisfy.

As a global network with member firms in key international jurisdictions, you can lean on our member firms’ tax professionals to help drive value, provide well-rounded support, and stay on top of legislative and institutional developments.

We have access to responsive global teams providing a blend of tax disciplines:

  • Direct, corporate, and personal tax advisory and planning
  • Cross-border tax advice
  • Indirect sales tax
  • Global mobility
  • Transfer pricing support

This allows you to focus on what you do best: reaching your domestic and cross-border business goals.

Corporate tax
For efficient structuring of global business taxes, experience counts. As one of the fastest growing networks, our expansion into new markets means that CLA Global understands this well. Our member firms bring fresh perspective to your complex business tax affairs.

From understanding your tax exposure and navigating tax relief, incentives, and regulations to restructuring and reviewing contractual agreements and IPOs, the knowledge held by our member firms is as deep as it is broad. Their professionals offer diverse thinking and new insights to support well informed, pragmatic, and quicker commercial decision making.

Global mobility
Given the extent of today’s geographically diverse workforces and post-pandemic remote working trends, navigating local employment laws and regulations can be a challenge.

Whether you are expanding, placing employees on assignment, or relocating, CLA Global member firms can assemble any combination of tax, remuneration, wealth management, technology, expatriate, and administration support teams to support a smooth transition.

Indirect taxes
Indirect taxes are often viewed as one of the biggest business burdens — especially in today’s digitized economy. As part of an international network, CLA Global member firms can help bring context and value to your indirect tax strategies.

From supporting enterprises entering new markets and interpreting excise duties to assisting with real-time GST and VAT reporting and e-invoicing, our cross-border perspective helps make sense of this complex and ever-evolving global landscape. Whether you are seeking e-commerce VAT guidance or are part of a multinational holding company, our indirect tax professionals can help you understand risks and streamline processes.

International tax
Navigating the tax complexities linked to foreign investment, treaties, credits, and risks can be daunting. Add in double taxation, repatriation, transfer pricing and changing legislations, combined with cross-border geopolitics and the incoming OECD Pillar 2 regulations and tax avoidance directives, and this international soup of rules can be enough to deter any business from entering new jurisdictions.

With our worldwide presence, CLA Global member firms have extensive experience escorting clients through the unfamiliar maze and minefield of international taxation. We can help you make better informed decisions and facilitate sustainable growth through:

  • Assisting with developing tax-compliant transfer pricing policies
  • Advising on the repatriation of foreign investment
  • Rationalizing business structures
  • Performing M&A tax due diligence

Private wealth
From estate and succession planning to structuring and administering international investment trusts, to philanthropic and fiduciary planning, CLA Global member firm teams look beyond the conventional to consider new wealth management strategies.

They lean on their local knowledge of tax laws and regulations in different jurisdictions to help preserve private assets for high-net-worth individuals and family run businesses for generations to come.

Transfer pricing
Intercompany transactions continue to take the spotlight, with the digital economy and OECD Pillar 2 driving significant international tax clamp downs.

International transfer pricing teams across our member firms are conversant in the specific requirements applicable in their jurisdictions. Transfer pricing professionals collaborate globally to help clients navigate this onerous compliance obligation by:

  • Providing practical advice
  • Reviewing intellectual property, licensing, financing, procurement, and supply chain arrangements
  • Supporting tax disputes

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