With labor being one of the biggest business costs, enhance your productivity and gain control over costs by outsourcing specific business functions. Use CLA Global member firms to support and complement your in-house talent, reinvesting any funds saved into your business growth.

From accounting, finance, and payroll to compliance and administrative support, scale up and down as your business demands it, filling experienced, seasonal, or ad-hoc roles with qualified professionals. We can turn around a global support team quickly.

Accounting services
Our member firms provide accounting, financial, and payroll management strategies to companies of all sizes, across continents. Designed to make life easier and your financial reporting commitments more efficient, trusted and qualified professionals can help alleviate daily accounting pressures.

Whether you are seeking extra interim support to bolster your in-house accounting teams, or technical guidance on digitizing tax, accounts payable and receivable, and reporting, CLA Global firms can help. Find peace of mind that an experienced team is helping navigate your reporting deadlines and local statutory compliance requirements.

HR services
Retain your talent, motivate your global workforces, and run a smooth payroll process. From designing appealing compensation and benefits programs to meeting employment laws in each jurisdiction, CLA Global firms can support your HR needs.

The terms and types of arrangements are as varied as the businesses we support. From onboarding new hires to running salary surveys and bringing in consultants to build a work environment focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, HR consultants in our member firms bring fresh perspective to help you boost workforce opportunities.

IT services
Work smarter and faster, not harder, utilizing the latest servers, hardware, and software solutions. From deploying automation to enhancing accounting processes to leveraging advanced data analytics, unlock future growth and help stay cybersecure with the CLA Global network.

Our member firms offer an extensive range of technology services designed to help you manage workload spikes, maintain an uninterrupted workflow, and improve productivity. Get fast results and direct access to the latest IT trends, combined with leading technology and help desk support to minimize business downtime.

Managed services
End-to-end outsourced managed services is a more comprehensive, consolidated package of support comprising virtually all administrative functions. For a defined fee, our member firms can take care of everything, from HR, recruitment, and payroll to handling your accounts and financial reporting, managing your IT infrastructure and networks, and providing help desk support. 

Customized to your global business needs, we view our managed services arrangements as a strategic relationship and natural extension of your in-house teams. With the added benefit of having a single vendor as your constant point of contact to respond to and provide ongoing regular support when and where you need us.

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