What is ‘CLA Global’?

CLA Global is an organization of accounting and advisory firms committed to delivering high quality client services, building inspired career opportunities, and creating opportunities for our communities.

Each CLA Global Network or Alliance firm is a member of CLA Global Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee. CLA Global Limited (and its affiliated UK companies, CLA Global Brand Limited and CLA Global Services Limited) is not a professional services organization and does not provide any client services. The independently-owned Network and Alliance members of CLA Global Limited provide professional services under the names “CLA” and “CLA Global” and use those names under license. The members independently provide accounting, assurance, tax, and specialized business services to clients around the globe.

CLA Global is not a single international firm or partnership and there is no common ownership among the firms or by CLA Global Limited (or the affiliated entities noted above). Likewise, although each firm is responsible for its own services and activities, no firm is responsible for the services or activities of any other firm. A member firm cannot act as an agent of CLA Global Limited (or its affiliated entities) or of any other member firm and cannot obligate CLA Global Limited (or its affiliates) or any other member firm. Similarly, CLA Global Limited (or its affiliates) cannot act as an agent of any member firm, cannot obligate any member firm, and is liable only for its own acts or omissions.

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