Whatever phase your business is in, from foundation to valuation and exit strategies, focus on what you need to master. For everything else, draw in professional support.

Complement your in-house talent with a combination of services:

  • Technology
  • Regulatory
  • Business development
  • Risk
  • Resourcing
  • Outsourcing
  • Restructuring
  • Forensics
  • Litigation
  • And more

With extensive international reach, we can assemble a consulting team from our member firms that truly understands the ins and outs of your sector and knows the latest industry standards and reporting obligations.

Today’s digital revolution not only creates a world of new opportunities, but the speed of technology adoption also throws multiple complications and business challenges into the mix.

CLA Global member firms have professionals across the world dedicated to helping businesses protect their digital assets. Comprising certified technical professionals, system administrators, network engineers, experienced CPAs, and IT auditors, our digital professionals are committed to data integrity and keeping your organization safe.

Discover the latest automated tools to make sustainable savings and reduce human errors. Get ahead of your competitors and accelerate the roll out of the latest productivity-enhancing technology. Utilize our professionals to streamline processes, design robust defences to protect your IT systems from cybersecurity attacks, and perform penetration testing.

With all eyes on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts, your customers, employees, investors, and regulatory stakeholders want you to do more than have a sustainability strategy or environmental policy. They want to see what you are doing and hear more about how you are measuring its performance.

From climate reporting to due diligence and assessments, ratings to ethical investments, our global advisory and consultancy professionals help clients integrate ESG into their operational and decision-making processes. Accelerate your actions so ESG doesn’t become just another journey with no end goal, but second nature in your organization.

Forensics and litigation support
Facing a legal dispute is never easy — and multijurisdictional, complex arbitration, and high-stake compliance cases even less so. Whatever the scope, resolutions often rely on sourcing a trusted mix of accounting, auditing, and investigation skills.

Access a team with diverse yet appropriate knowledge to assist with complex IP, malpractice, claims, fraud, cybersecurity, whistleblower, and witness testimony cases. Steered by these experienced hands, whatever the irregularity, know that professionals in CLA Global member firms move swiftly and quietly to help achieve a desired outcome.

Global expansion and financial outsourcing
Are you seeking to open an overseas branch? Do you want to explore increasing your business resilience and reducing overhead simultaneously? With member firms across global jurisdictions, CLA Global firms help companies and LLPs of all sizes navigate business bureaucracies and fulfill legal and financial obligations in a cost-controlled way.

Rather than investing in local infrastructures or employing large teams, tap into established offshore teams who understand the cultural nuances and can navigate language barriers. Leverage domestic support to scale your business in a resourceful and flexible way to:

  • Establish legal entities
  • Evaluate markets for expansion
  • Perform property feasibility studies
  • Delegate labor-intensive processes

Organizations operating internationally can face numerous legal situations, including contentious ones. CLA Global member firms are multidisciplinary and many have dedicated and licensed legal practices providing a broad range of services.

In addition to assisting on international arbitration, corporate taxation, and trade laws, our team of professionals can provide legal counsel on data protection, M&A transactions, IP, contract, and employment cases — delivering local and integrated cross-border legal advice and support.

Mergers and Acquisitions    
Every inbound and outbound corporate transaction, expansion, debt negotiation, and M&A deal is as distinct as your business. Working closely alongside your shareholders and management teams, corporate finance professionals in our member firms share collective skills and insight to add value, evaluate opportunities, and assess strategic fit.

From supporting start-ups to rapidly expanding international companies, sellers, and buyers, professionals in our network can assist with enhancing value. This includes evaluating debt and equity structures, sourcing capital, preparing IPOs, performing due diligence, and exit planning.

Risk advisory    
Taking some risks can be the catalyst that drives your commercial success and makes your organization stand out from your competitors. Conversely, taking too many or the wrong ones can backfire resulting in reputational, financial, or strategic failures.

Find robust advice supported by a structured risk framework to help your business balance the rewards and risks. Professionals in our network can help you adapt and flex to evolving governance, financial, data, and cybersecurity risks, without stifling innovation. CLA Global has access to supplier, climate, technology, accounting professionals, and more to help put your risks into context so they don’t undermine your business goals.

Transaction services      
What do you need to know before committing to a transaction? Whether you are expanding overseas or merging with a competitor, the devil is always in the due diligence detail.

The depth and reach of CLA Global member firms means we can pull together an international team to assess everything from risk and compliance to cash flow and resourcing, providing objective information to guide your valuation and transactional decisions.

Turnaround restructuring insolvency     
Facing a financial difficulty need not mean the end of your company. In fact, gaining early advice could increase the likelihood of regaining control and rescuing the best parts, or adapting the business structure to avoid insolvency.

With a global network of member firms, we can help clients address insolvency issues that extend beyond their comfort and geographical zones. From suggesting operational improvements and analyzing the tax implications of restructuring to streamlining processes or investigating financial irregularities, find a global team aligned and in your corner.

Many methods and motivations are used to ascertain the true value of a business. It’s not purely about securing an M&A deal or negotiating your market exit strategy. Getting a firm grasp on what your business is worth, both now and in the future, is equally critical to understanding risks and pre-empting potential cash flow, market concentration, and industry-specific issues.

Whether you are seeking an independent valuation of shares, need to value your assets for tax or transfer pricing purposes, or must calculate compensation for a partner exiting the business, CLA Global has access to valuation professionals across the world. Following internationally approved valuation methods, we align advice to your long-term goals.

Wealth advisory
From estate and succession planning to structuring and administering international investment trusts, to philanthropic and fiduciary planning, CLA Global member firm wealth advisory professionals provide financial planning guidance to private clients, as well as business owners.

With member firms in multiple countries, we can provide direct access to local tax law knowledge, as well as legal entities in different jurisdictions — helping you preserve private assets and select global investment plans that reflect your interests and values.

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