Client credibility. Stakeholder confidence. Statutory requirements. There are many reasons for performing audits. Wherever and whatever you are reporting, audits conducted by CLA Global member firms take a systematic and deep look into business financials and processes. They can reveal valuable insights for identifying gaps and risks that, when proactively addressed, strengthen client trust and satisfaction.

The breadth and depth of your audit will depend on the size of your business; associated risks; and local, ever-evolving accounting, reporting, and tax regulations.

Our member firms and their audit professionals can help you to navigate this complex cross-border landscape:

  • Assessing conformance to set standards and contractual obligations
  • Extracting meaningful information to support future strategic decisions
  • Providing joined-up thinking when you have operations in multiple countries
  • Reviewing operational resilience and highlighting efficiency improvements

To assist you in getting audit-ready and to enhance the quality of your information, CLA Global member firm assurance services teams focus on examining and verifying the effectiveness of business processes and controls.

Performed independently, the verification of financial records are often requested by investors, bond issuers, lenders, or for business valuations. Audit is a type of assurance service.

Gain access to international assurance professionals experienced in areas including ESG and sustainability, IT and data security, legal, forensics, tax, and business methodologies.

Our combined global skills mean we can assign an exceptional international team.

Our member firms are well-versed in financial reporting language. In today’s global marketplace, having common reporting standards makes life simpler for everyone — especially multinational companies presenting financial information to stakeholders or with public stock exchange listings.

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are applied in over 160 jurisdictions and set by the International Accounting Standards Board. Our member firms stay one step in front of the latest developments in IFRS. Wherever you are located, you can access this pool of experienced professionals to leverage leading practice and prepare consistent financial statements.

Integrated reporting
Value in an enterprise extends far beyond current net worth. Real value creation relies on anticipating future risks and thinking holistically about the factors that contribute to improved performance.

Designed to enhance the way multidimensional and multinational organizations think, plan and report, rather than operating in silos, our member firms can help shift the strategy focus from me stewardship to a more collaborative we.

CLA Global member firms have extensive experience collaborating and building a fuller performance picture. This integrated approach supports faster decision making, adding to the future value creation.

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